Green Building Solutions

Buildings have major environmental impacts over their entire life cycle. Maximum use of resource such as ground cover, forests, water, and energy are depleted to construct and operate buildings. Resource- intensive materials provide the building envelope and landscaping adds to the menace-inturn using up water and pesticides to clean pollute even more.

Energy- consuming systems for lightening, space conditioning and water heating produce enormous heat. Hi-tech controls add intelli8gence to ‘inanimate’ buildings consumes lot of energy. Water consumed continuously during building construction, operation and for other chores result in ground water consumption. Several building processes and occupant functions generate large amounts of waste. Who takes the responsibility of all these?

Hence, the need to design a green building, the essence of which would be to address all these issues in an integrated and scientific manner.

The main objectives of Green Building Solutions are to,

  • Minimize the demand on non-renewable resources and maximize the utilization efficiency of these resources when in use,
  • Maximum reuse and recycling of available resources.
  • Utilization of renewable resources.

In order to minimize the demand on non-renewable resources and maximize the utilization efficiency of these resources IGV facilitates the following

  • To evaluate the possibilities
  • Design the green buildings.
  • Minimise waste generation.
  • Less consumption of water
  • Reduced pollution load and liability
  • 25% inhouse power generation
  • 30% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Facilities in Green Building rating.

GRIHA Rating for Green Building

GRIHA, an acronym for Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment, is the National Rating System of India. GRIHA has been conceived by TERI and developed jointly with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. It is a green building 'design evaluation system', and is suitable for all kinds of buildings in different climatic zones of the country.

GRIHA is a design & evaluation tool for green buildings & habitats in India, specifically designed to address the development, challenges we face today & our responsibility towards the future generations.

The green rating system has been endorsed by MNRE & launched by as the Uniform National rating system for green buildings in India.

  • It is mandatory for Central Govt. buildings/buildings of PSU’s/private commercial buildings/offices/retail malls/institutions/hospitals/residential complexes/etc to comply with minimum 3 star rating.
  • Evaluating building under GRIHA rating Programme based on its predicted performance over its entire life cycle – inception through operation.

The stages of the life cycle for evaluation are:

  • Pre-construction stage (intra- and inter-site issues like proximity to public transport, type of soil, kind of land, where the property is located, the flora and fauna on the land before construction activity starts, the natural landscape and land features)
  • Building planning and construction stages (issues of resource conservation and reduction in resource demand, resource utilization efficiency, resource recovery and reuse, and provisions for occupant health and well being). The prime resources that are considered in this section are land, water, energy, air, and green cover.
  • Building operation and maintenance stage (issues of operation and maintenance of building systems and processes, monitoring and recording of energy consumption

Our 'GRIHA Evaluators' & Green Building Experts help you to gain GRIHA rating for proposed building development.

LEED Certification for Green Building:

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the internationally accepted benchmark for the design and construction of high-performance green buildings. We provide comprehensive consulting services for LEED (USA and India) for New Construction, Core and Shell, Neighborhood Development, Schools and Green Homes. Join us and take the LEED.

Our LEED accredited professionals help you through out the process of LEED certification from starting to end, till obtaining LEED rating for your proposed building development.


1. Feasibility Study

Review building design and identify opportunities for improvement with its associated incremental cost of constructionto obtain a best possible LEED rating certification.

2. Detailed LEED Facilitation

  • Facilitate and Help the project team to achieve 'pre LEED certification' for project under LEED program.
  • Hand hold and Support the project team throughout the project period to get the appropriate LEED rating.
  • Services offered for the following products of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and US Green Building Council (USGBC)

3. IGBC Rating System

Green Home
Green Factories
Green SEZ

4. USGBC Rating System

LEED for Schools

CDM (Clean Development Mechanism & Green Building

Carbon Foot print Analysis & CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Consultancy

  • Preparation of Project Design Document (PDD)
  • CDM Process & Registration
  • Facilitation of Carbon Trading
  • Performing Energy Modeling of the building to meet Carbon Credit requirements.

Green Building & Carbon Credits

We help you make your green path by taking it one carbon footstep at a time.

Follow three simple M’s:

  • Measure your building or company’s carbon footprint with a comprehensive carbon audit. We use the latest audit system & measuring toolslike Ecometrica for quantifying and benchmarking your carbon emissions.
  • Manage your carbon footprint with energy-saving strategies and technologies. We use start-of-the-art energy modeling to show how you can reduce your consumption by as much as 50%.
  • Monetize your carbon and energy savings to turn into green. Sustainability strategies can save you money, and they can also earn you money.


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