Energy Audits

IGV renders comprehensive services in energy audits for Lighting/HVAC, as package by accredited energy auditors. Energy audits include Electrical Safety, Electrical Design, Power Quality, Data Center, Power Factor, Earthing, Cable Sizing, Electromagnetic Interference etc.

Some of the procedures followed in Energy Audits includes,

  • Identify sources with maximum saving potential.
  • Adopt a low cost action plan to reduce energy costs.
  • Performance evaluation and efficiency test with projected benefits.
  • Evaluate the need to use alternate products.
  • Provide details of investment with payback period.

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Energy Management systems

Energy Management systems (EMS) deals with reducing energy costs and consumption for buildings or establishments. EMS collects energy data and uses it for three main purposes: Reporting includes verification of energy data and setting high-level energy use reduction targets. Monitoring is tracking energy consumption to identify cost-saving opportunities.

IGV’s EMS enables you to visualize operations, measure, monitor, analyse and report complete energy consumption.

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Energy Saving Products

Without our stringent VIR single window policy; products and technologies are selected to meet designed control systems enable remote monitoring and support, offering immediate service assistance, as well as long-term maintenance. We ensure that systems and equipment work exactly as they should through their full expected life cycles. We conduct comprehensive site inventories and analyses to meet all facilities requirements and provide the best solutions.

Energy Savers for centralized lighting and air conditioning systems:

When in use electrical equipments draw power and convert it into output energy. In the process of conversion, most gadgets draw more energy than required in the output demand. As such, the excess energy which cannot be utilized in anyways gets wasted.

Energy savers, is a high efficiency device that optimizes the voltage & current as the energy consumed increases in approximately square of input voltage, hence, the output energy would reach to optimum level.

Other Energy Saving Products

Find here a list of other energy conserving products which can be used in order to prevent excess wastage of energy.

  • Energy conserving Lighting Sensors
  • Energy saving LED Lighting
  • Energy conserving Water management descalers
  • Energy efficient Compressors
  • Energy conserving Motors
  • Energy efficient Lubricants
  • Energy efficient filters
  • Energy conserving building materials & insulations etc

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Renewable Energy Management

To cope with growing demand for energy, conventional methods of energy management alone may not suffice. We have to depend on alternative sources of energy as well. As a result of intense research, technologies to tap our renewable sources of energy and convert them into usable power for our activities has emerged in the last two decades. From solar to wind and bio-mass there are various renewable energy sources available today.

In India, the available waste are +/- 30,000 MT out of which 25,000 Mew are potential enough for captive power generations which would ease the tremendous burden on Grid.

On the demand side IGV gives complete renewable energy solutions for in-house energy power sourcing. IGV can partner with you on implementation of for all existing and constructing buildings.

Some of the services offered by Renewable Energy Management includes,

  • Mini Hydro Power Projects
  • Solar Power Packs
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Biomass of energy
  • Wind Power Packs
  • Hybrid Power Packs

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