About us:

Integrate Green Ventures was formed in March 2010 to promote energy conservation as well as explore alternate sources of energy and help our clients build a greener workplace. IGV has specialized in tailor-designed energy conservation solutions to meet the clients operating requirements of high reliability, ease of use, and cost efficiency.

IGV has client base that extends across India ranging in size from small to government organizations, each relying on IGV to be its energy management service provider.

IGV’s mission is to develop and promote sustainable strategies that integrate energy efficiency and environmental concerns into the daily operations of an organization. The three key factors to drive sustainable energy solutions are knowledge/Collaboration/Transform.


  • Energy management for Hospitals and Health Care ..more>>
  • GRIHA for Shobha Developers..more>>


Integrate green will offer unique training services to energy managers in private and public sector undertaking by bringing together Technology, vendors and faculty with rich industry experience to enable practical insight to audit, monitor, conserve and implement measures which will make More>>